Welcome to Dox Software Systems.

Electronic Medical Records systems from Dox have been assisting doctors, clinical staff, and hospital administration since 2001. 

Over the years they have been joined by companion systems that help management run the hospital as a business, ensure efficient work practices and manage everyday tasks such as controlling inventory and purchasing. 

They have recently been joined by a medical records system for ophthalmologists and ophthalmic practice administrators. 

The principal systems are

  • Dox RDSMedical Records, using either paper fully electronic forms or both; for hospitals
  • Dox IQ & Dox TMS – Theatre Costing, Business Intelligence, Inventory Management and Purchasing
  • Dox OculiMedical Records, using either paper fully electronic forms or both, for ophthalmologists and their practice administration

We also offer selected consumable items and minor hardware components that complement the software.


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