No Effort but a wealth of business information

iStock_TheatreCostDox IQ and Dox TMS are powerful business intelligence and reporting solutions developed specifically for Day Hospitals. They each provide instant access to the data you need to make timely and informed business decisions.   Comprehensive analysis and reporting put your facility’s activity and financial information at your fingertips— you will have current information that allows proactive and strategic management decisions.

Dox IQ extracts data from your PAS  and from your accounting system and aggregates that in context with the extra data that IQ itself gathers to provide unparalleled insight into the business and clinical processes of your hospital.  That analysis and reporting includes your hospital’s own direct and indirect costs along with where and how they are to be applied.

Dox IQ carries this data in an ‘analysis cube’ where contextual relationships are already established.  Your routine reporting from this analysis cube can use

  • a graphical ‘Dashboard’, which presents the key performance indicators you have chosen in a clear graphical form showing history, trends and actual results, or
  • a comprehensive suite of included management reports that allow you to examine summary information at a high level and then drill down into areas of concern or interest for more specific data, or
  • from MS Excel using the analysis cube’s pre-aggregated and associated data.  This allows you to build your own reports and investigate topical areas of interest as they arise.  You can also use one of the many MS Excel based analysis tools included with Dox IQ and Dox TMS to really probe and get information on the most esoteric of matters.

Information held captive in a hospital’s PAS and not included in the PAS reports is liberated with Dox reporting.  The standard Dox reports and your own ’DIY’ reports you create allow you to relate, filter and aggregate the information using one or more of several hundred items

Surgeon Procedure Specialty List
Anaesthetist Anaesthesia MBS Item Code(s) DRG & ICD
Pathway Progress Times Efficiencies $ per minute Patient details Insurer / Fund
Date & Date Range Day of Week Month & Year Inventory & Prostheses

No effort in theatre either

Nurses only record exceptional items or events in theatre, and even that is with little effort.  Dox TMS Tally Sheets are only used to record exceptions in inventory consumption and other significant matters.  Tally Sheets are specific for each admission and its variables.  If the surgeon operates as per normal then there are no exceptions and nursing staff have nothing to do.  Either way the system applies the surgeon’s typical costs, registers the use of consumables and prostheses and allocates nursing labour costs.

 How the information helps you.

  • More timely and better informed business decisions
  • Improved profitability and clinical efficiency (time analysis)
  • Raise business efficiencies — Dox IQ and Dox TMS analyse and report on surgeon or specialty performance compared to the respective use of theatre time
  • Cost monitoring highlights where one surgeon or anaesthetist is costing more than others, and why
  • Board reports, with great detail (numeric or graphical or both) are prepared automatically
  • Better utilization of resources by knowing what each resource costs and what it contributes
  • Capital investment decisions are made easier and made with confidence
  • Negotiation with health funds are based on fact using costs and patient information that was previously too difficult to extract and compile
  • Early identification of trends
  • Performance benchmarksthat are defined by you and are meaningful for your hospital
  • Easy to understand graphical and comparative cost and performance data to facilitate discussion with your surgeons

 Dox TMS adds Inventory Control

Using either its own inventory sub-system or that of an interfaced accounting system such as MYOB, Dox TMS brings automation to the management of your theatre consumables and prosthetic inventory .

TMS automates the recording of inventory consumption, provides rich analysis and comparative data and, very importantly, facilitates disciplined purchasing so that your stock holding investment is optimal.

A further benefit is the management of prostheses.  Dox TMS is aware of the use of prosthetic items in theatre and automatically checks to confirm that the prostheses have subsequently been billed.

Further information is available here.