An On-Line Admission System for Everyone

Benefits for both Patient and Hospital

  • Patients complete electronic versions of your forms in their own time.  They can enlist the aid of a relative or friend or hospital staff and they can park the process and return to it as often as is convenient.
  • The form and its questions can change automatically according to the type of procedure, or other parameters such as anaesthesia or answers provided to medical history questions.  Complexity can be avoided and simplicity pursued.  Follow-on forms such as patient advice documents can be automatically collated and emailed.
  • Automatically tailored medical history questionnaires can reveal a more detailed medical profile than normally available without nursing assessment.  Avoid calling patients if the medical profile is shown to be satisfactory; if you on average save just a minute or two per admission then the system is paying for itself.  Save more time and avoid ‘on-the-day’ cancellations and you certainly are benefiting very much from this system

Doctors are advantaged

  • Surgeons/Proceduralists can start the process with a simple step in their own rooms.  From then on they are automatically kept informed priligy 30mg price regarding the progress of the admission process.  Cancellations due to lost or delayed paperwork are eliminated. This provides certainty in the patient’s mind and emphasises a close working alliance between hospital and doctors.

Paper and Electronic Forms

  • Your on-line forms such as Admission, Consent and Medical History, once completed by the patient, are converted to PDF documents for the patient to print at home for their records.  Hospital staff can use either electronic or paper versions of the forms.
  • Paper versions of completed forms produced in the hospital carry the appropriate sections for patients to sign the record as being true and correct.  Hospitals using Dox Medical Records will be able to automatically scan those forms into the medical record.
  • The next release of Dox eRDS will automatically incorporate the data from admission forms into the fully electronic Dox eRDS Electronic Medical Record.

Hospital Managed System and Forms

  • The hospital has absolute control over all aspects of the system including the web site, both electronic questionnaire forms and their paper counterparts, email correspondence with patients and the integration with systems used by doctors in their rooms.

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