Hospital Records
Paper and/or Electronic

Ophthalmology Records
Paper and/or Electronic

Hospital Inventory

Preference Cards, Costing
Business Intelligence

Dox Charts

Charts is the core or foundation system for electronic medical records in a hospital.

It provides extensive automation for both paper based and screen based forms.


Dox Oculi

Oculi exceeds the functional requirements of doctors wanting a contemporary Electronic Medical Record while simultaneously providing the friendly and tradtional comfort of paper notes.  21st Century functionality is there with digital entry systems for orthoptists and interfaces to diagnostic  machines.

Dox Inventory

Inventory Management is an intuitive yet powerful system that has been specifically engineered for Australian Day Hospitals.

It is very comprehensive, meeting the wish lists of the many hospitals who contributed to its design.


Dox Analysis

This Business Intelligence module combines surgeon’s preference cards, electronic exception recording in theatre and Microsoft’s Analysis Services to allow you to manage the hospital both as a clinical facility and also as a business.  Comprehensive costing and benchmarking are key facets of the system.

Affordable . Adaptable . Innovative . Reliable

Dox has provided award-winning and patent protected systems for electronic medical records in Australia since 2001.

Today, Dox is the preferred system for electronic medical records in practices and hospitals of all sizes as well as Australia’s corporate day hospital groups and ophthalmology groups.

For hospitals, Dox does those necessary and time demanding functions that billing systems don’t do, such as inventory management, costing, business intelligence using ’Big Data’ , and ‘My Health Record’ integration and script writing assisted by MIMS.

For ophthalmology, Dox Oculi provides a truly universal system that is favoured by doctors who wish to retain the more classical approach to making their notes as well as those who embrace current EMR techniques.  Oculi also gives orthoptists contemporary time saving digital entry tools and provides interfaces to all diagnostic instruments that export data or employ DICOM.